Notice Regarding Deceptive Trademark Solicitations

Please beware of potentially misleading offers and notices from private companies regarding your trademark or service mark registration. Private companies not associated with the USPTO often use application and registration information from the public USPTO database to mail and email trademark-related offers and notices – most of which require payment of fees. All communications concerning your registration will come directly from your patent and trademark attorney.

See the below link for a listing and samples of current deceptive trademark mailings and invoices:


COVID-19 as Excusable Nonuse in Trademark Maintenance Filings

On April 12, 2021, the USPTO issued an alert announcing that certain circumstances related to COVID-19 may excuse nonuse of a trademark or service mark for the purposes of Section 8 and Section 71 maintenance filings. Specifically, if COVID-19 has directly affected the trademark holder and/or their business, preventing them from using their trademark, they may ask to be temporarily excused from providing proof of use.


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