Tytus Cytowski is an attorney and entrepreneur. Tytus is a widely respected legal expert in matters related to venture capital and corporate transactions in the transatlantic space, including flip transactions, venture financing, acquihire and M&A. Tytus began his career as an associate in a mega US-law firm in New York (USA) and then worked in a micro VC fund/family office on the east coast. He started his own law firm in 2009, focusing on the representation of the interests of investors and entrepreneurs of emerging companies. In 2013 he expanded his law firm to Poland and frequently travels to Silicon Valley to close deals for his clients.

Tytus has deep expertise in startups and venture capital sector, with an emphasis on working with cross-border founders and entrepreneurs establishing their ventures in the USA and American investors investing non-US based companies. His clients have included Ideo, Platzi, Estimote, Kontakt.io, Brainly, Tylko, Woolet, Swimmo, Clime, Infermedica, Husarion, Indie Designers, Presspad, Polidea, Quantum Labs, Filmaster, Rentberry, Taptera, Gjirafa, Sunstone Capital, Rockaway Capital, Innovation Nest, PLL LOT, Gemius, Techland, Sonel and Igoria Trade. Tytus is also involved in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) implementation process in Poland as US law expert in the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) FATCA working group. Tytus also acts as an advisor to government entities and development agencies interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, high growth technologies and digital culture.

Tytus Cytowski has law degree from Harvard Law School (LLM 05) and is member of the New York State bar.

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